Let’s talk about swing top bottle usage – do’s and dont’s

HI … my name is Bob and I am the founder Glass Packaging Solutions LLC (www.wholesaleglassbottles.com is one of our websites) … as an internet vendor and wholesale supplier to the craft, food & beverage and cosmetic industry for many years, I have noted how many people today love to make their own products. It is wonderful to hear (and get samples) of many of these – but we have also found a problem in information about what the proper type bottle to use is for various beverages.  While ALL our bottles are hardened – not ALL bottles are suitable for pressure.  The vagrancies of various formulations for everything from sparkling wines  to Apple cider fermentation , have caused misleading information out on the net.

Here are our personal recommendations :

When packing an item that may build up pressure  – and for any bottle larger than 500ML (16.8 ounce) to be used for this – we recommend using ONLY round bottles.  The tensil strength of the actual glass is the same for round or square – but the surface tension that is spread across a flat glass surface increases to unacceptable levels when you are pressure packing. A round bottle, on the other hand,  has less stress per square inch due to the structure of the round bottle itself.

We have never had a report of glass failure on the 500ML and 250ML square bottles – but have heard of some failure when  pressure packing on the 1L square bottle.  They have no problem with 2 atmospheres (like sparkling water)   – but pressure can build rapidly when you are making in house items that produce higher pressure.

The strongest of ALL our products,, and the recommendation we make for many of the pressure items are the 2 following:

#1 – truly the strongest swing top bottle on the market : https://glaspak.com/round-750-ml-dalia-swing-top-bottle.html  (Dalia 750ML bottle)

#2 – Another very strong bottle from one of our other suppliers  – with never a problem being reported: https://glaspak.com/round-1-liter-giara-swing-top-bottle.html  (Giara 1L bottle)

Watch for our upcoming blog on the do’s and don’t of trying to use a fido hermetic jar for fermentation purposes.

Wholesale glass bottles – Great for crafters, restaurants, small companies and Hotels

Case pack site – great pricing for smaller users




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